Dry salted celeriac condiment

  • 1 small good quality celeriac
  • 2 kg sea salt


Salt-baking is the starting point of the idea. In this case, the celeriac is not baked but rather salt-dried and “mummified” into becoming a condiment. The process can probably be applied to other (root) vegetables, I’ll try that and share the results in an ulterior post.

Wash and dry the celeriac, bury it completely in salt. Store for approximately 3-4 weeks at room temperature, turning occasionally. Once it has dried and shriveled significantly, remove from the salt, wash well and, if needed, put in a dehydrator or oven at 50°C to complete the drying process. The celery root needs to be rock-hard.

Store the celery root at room temperature and use it as a salt seasoning, for example, over mushrooms or beef.  Grate directly over the desired ingredient.


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